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Botswana > Activities > Enjoy horseback riding safaris through the Delta

Enjoy Horseback Riding Safaris Through The Delta

Enjoy horseback riding safaris through the Delta
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Botswana is a land of immense natural beauty with diverse terrain and landscapes of which the Okavango Delta is undoubtedly living proof of. The Okavango Delta is a lush emerald paradise of papyrus and reed beds, a maze of channels and floodplains, rich savannah grasslands, a montage of water-lily filled lagoons and palm islands transcending the rules of Mother Nature by lying in the heart of the arid Kalahari Desert Basin.

To truly absorb the magnificence of the Okavango Delta, enjoy horseback riding safaris through the Delta. The unique spectrum of ecosystems supports an unbelievable variety of bird, plant and wildlife waiting to be discovered. Stay at the multitude of eco camps and lodges in the area from where qualified guides will accompany and share their inmost knowledge of the Delta with you. Riders should be experienced enough to escape from dangerous situations, be able to swim the horse across waterways, and stay in control should the horse make sudden movements when alarmed.

Imagine being mounted high above the grassland and reeds on your horse while galloping alongside the elegant motion of a giraffe as the wind whistles through the palms. Bursting with life, the landscapes continuously shifts as you thunder through the water moving across golden floodplains riding from island to island. This is the moment when nature, the scenery, guides, riders and horses all combine to make this an unforgettable event.

On horseback you can venture further into the Delta and get much closer to the abounding wildlife. Encounter exciting moments along the game trails as your horseback safari ride brings you upon great herds of buffalo, zebra, wildebeest or a troop of elephants. As the sun paints the Delta skyline in a bright red glow and the lionís roar interrupts your trance, be assured that a horseback riding safari through the Delta is a magical and humbling experience that will touch your soul and remain in your heart for an eternity.

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