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Botswana > Activities > Visit the colourful weavers of Oodi

Visit The Colourful Weavers Of Oodi

Visit the colourful weavers of Oodi
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Breathtaking Botswana is the perfect place for your next holiday. Idyllic, peaceful and blessed with abundant wildlife as well as beautiful scenery, this Southern African country has become an international hit with visitors from all over the world. Travellers descend on these shores every year eager to reclaim their zest for life and to get away from the pedantic and predictable sequences of their everyday existence; here people search for adventure under clear and starry African skies and leave with a spring in their step, knowing they have just had an unforgettable experience.

Botswana is renowned for the daunting Kalahari Desert and the even more intimidating Okavango Delta - both tourist hotspots. Travellers love the game drives and safaris where they get the rare thrill of viewing the Big 5 in their natural habitats. From the modern comforts of the capital city of Gabarone, to the stunning displays of fauna and flora at any one of the many game reserves, Botswana has a bit of something for everyone. For a change of pace and a chance to get away from all the game viewing entertainment, a nice quiet place to visit is the small village of Oodi, 20km out of Gabarone and situated en route to Francistown.

This peaceful little town is famous internationally for its Lentswe-la-Odi (Rocky Hills of Oodi) weavers. The skilled weavers create the most intricate and delicate of crafts, which are hand-dyed, hand-spun, hand-woven wall hangings, tablecloths, napkins, jackets, bedspreads and cushions depicting village scenes, animals and basic patterns. Many of these beautiful works of art tend to tell a story, usually of a past event, giving a deep and valuable insight into the history of Oodi and Botswana.

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